A Night With Woody Guthrie

Charged with songs like “1913 Massacre” “Union Maid” “Little Saka Sugar” “Going Down This Road Feeling Bad” and “This Land Is Your Land,” Rob Tepper steps into the shoes of America’s father of Folk Music, giving audiences a taste of the “Eternal teenager – scrawny, petulant, hilarious, angry… free,” through storytelling and song in, A NIGHT WITH WOODY GUTHRIE, directed by Sal Romeo.




Rob is an Actor/Writer who started in Maryland and ended up in Los Angeles working on television, film and theatre projects. He’s currently workshopping limited performances of his one-man show titled A NIGHT WITH WOODY GUTHRIE directed by Sal Romeo.

Moving Pictures

A Night With Woody Guthrie – Preview

Guthrie Sessions – This Land is Your Land

Guthrie Sessions – Talking Dustbowl Blues

The Ballad of John Henry

So Long Music Video

Guthrie Sessions – Car Song

The Guthrie Sessions – 1913 Massacre

Ranger’s Command

Troop Hold Clip


I’m Freaked. I just saw my father on stage and he’s younger than me.

Nora Guthrie

Kisses Sweater Than Wine Concert

I have to tell you that this young man has mastered the art of looking and sounding like Woody.

David Bernz

WFDU Radio 89.1 FM Traditions Radio Program

He looks like Woody, he sounds like Woody.

Pete Seeger

Beacon Sloop Club Holiday Sing

You would have seriously believed that Rob Tepper WAS Woody Guthrie.

Bill Hahn

More Than Just A Review

A beautiful tribute to Woody – done with simplicity and grace.

Barbra Murray

Professor – Santa Clara University

To be able to see Woody brought to life on stage was a genuinely moving experience.  America needs to see this.

David Powell

Gettysburg College


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